8i Unity Plugin documentation

Welcome to the 8i Unity Alpha programme!

We’re looking forward to finding out how you use our custom plugin and getting your feedback. There are a few things to cover before we let you loose, so have a read.

What is the 8i Plugin?

The 8i Unity Plugin allows developers to add 8i’s fully volumetric video to any Unity experience. It’s like embedding traditional 2D video content, except you get to walk around ours as it plays!

Why are we doing it?

To introduce developers to our technology, its possibilities and constraints To gather feedback from you To build an 8i community of early adopters, developers, content creators and VR enthusiasts

Supported Unity Versions and Platforms

Unity Versions
  • Unity 5.4.x
Unity Editor Platforms
  • Windows x64
Build Targets
  • Windows x64
  • Android